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      Mr. CUI Yuzhi
      Chairman of the Board,Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
      • Responsible for the overall business operations
      • Served as executive president of Tendcare Medical Group, the portfolio manager at Atlantis Investment Hong Kong, the general manager of investment and operations at China Dili Group, the chief financial officer of Zhong An Group Limited, the chief financial officer of Excellence Group, the chief financial officer of Treasury Holdings China Limited and the vice president of Shanghai Forte Group
      • More than 20 years of experience in finance with deep expertise in international capital market and enterprise operations
      Mr. ZHU Liang
      Executive Director and Chief Financial Office
      • Responsible for the Group's financial management
      • Served as financial officer, director and legal general manager at Synnex Technology International Corporation
      • Served as financial controller of Shanghai Evendata Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and general counsel of Shenzhen Jiuli Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
      • Over 25 years of experience in financial management
      Mr. HAN Jun
      Executive Director
      • Served as the chief operations officer of KongZhong Corporation
      • Over 18 years of experience in the Internet industry