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      Established in 2009 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 3rd October 2013, Forgame Holdings Limited is a leading company of games and fintech in China, and is now actively seeking the comprehensive update of game business, with the aim of becoming one of the most influential technology companies in China. Its game publishing platform 91wan, operated by the Group's PRC operational entity Guangzhou Weidong Internet Technology Co., Ltd. has distributed over 100 webgames and attracted over 200million registered players. In the future, the Group is expected to further strengthen its business presence and provide users with great product experience powered by Technology.More>>



      Cloud games

      Since its inception, the Group has been making great progress in web game development and distribution ······ and is one of the few domestic internet game.more


      Focusing on the domestic semiconductor industry······providing supply chain and financial services for the entire trade process;more

      Electronic trade

      Focusing on storage solutions for enterprise-level products around storage devices······ we offer a full range of products from components to systems.more

      Cloud storage

      Products, technologies and R&D around cold data cloud storage······more